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General Liablity*:  Provides coverage when you’re responsible for a third party’s injury or damage to their property.  Most policies cover on your insured premise and also follow you and your employees off the insured premise.  Coverage pays for your legal defense and pays out to the third party if negligence is proven.  Most commercial leases require a minimum limit of $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability.  Most contracts for contractors doing work for other business require $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability. 

Commercial Property & Liability*:  Provides General Liability as above as well as coverage for your property.  This may include building coverage and / or business personal property, including inventory.  Business Income coverage is an optional coverage that pays your lost income if you are not able to operate as a result of a covered loss.   Many commercial leases require commercial property and liability coverage.  Often it is required that the tenant cover improvements (whether you made them or they were there before you got there) as well as plate glass. 

Professional liability*:  Provides coverage for liability to third parties when, in your professional capacity, your actions or lack thereof result in injury or monetary loss to a third party.  A classic example would be a doctor making a misdiagnosis which results in injury or death to a patient.  Another example would be an attorney failing to properly represent a client resulting in monetary loss for the client. 

Commercial Auto*:  Provides liability coverage to third parties when you or your employees are driving a covered vehicle and are responsible for damage to a third party’s property or the injury of someone in another vehicle, a passenger, or a pedestrian.  Most policies also cover the liability associated with loading and unloading a covered vehicle.  May also include coverage for damage to an insured vehicle, rental reimbursement if you must rent another vehicle when yours is not available after a covered loss, coverage for injuries caused by uninsured or under insured motorists, medical payments for those injured in a covered vehicle, and more.

*Coverage is subject to policy terms and conditions.