Why choose an independent agent over a direct writer such as an Allstate or State Farm agent?

Independent agents are not beholden to any one company as direct writers are.  Independent agents have the freedom to choose the company that best fits the needs of their client.  If a company is no longer providing the level of service desired or has become uncompetitive, the independent agent has the freedom to move that customer to another carrier.  Direct writing agents do not have this freedom.     

Why choose the Briglio Insurance Group?

The Briglio Insurance Group has won numerous awards including Chairmans Conference, National Champions, Line Leader, Loss Ratio, and Quality Agency Awards.  Staff members include Agency Principal E. Sandy Briglio, Office Manager Bonnie Vlam, Licensed Agent Maya, and Customer Service Representative, JC Ruiz.  Combined they have over 70 years insurance experience.  They’re knowledgeable and they’re committed to never having a voice mail system answer their phones when customers call during business hours.  They pride themselves on their personal service and doing business the old fashioned way, one customer at a time.   They have been in the same easily accessible location on Hollywood Boulevard since 1995.  It’s their experience, the personal attention given each client, and the knowledgeable and caring guidance they give that sets them apart.  Every day they do their very best to practice the agency motto: “Do the right thing for the customer and everything else takes care of itself.”